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Eye care can be quite expensive and not very popular on private insurance plans. The government of Quebec recently launched a new program “see better to succeed” to aid parents, regardless of whether they have private insurance or not, with the cost of eye care.

As of September 1st, 2019, all parents in Quebec are eligible for a $250 reimbursement per child (under 18) every 2 years to buy glasses or contact lenses. This is a fixed amount and does not depend on the cost of glasses or contact lenses.

Listed below are the conditions:

-Recipient must be under the age of 18 the day of purchase

-Have a valid health insurance card

-Have a valid prescription from a working professional

-Glasses or contact lenses must be purchased from a Quebec optician or optometrist (in store or online)

Complete this application online and receive your reimbursement check in 3to 5 weeks:

Make sure to take advantage of this program and remember to get your kids eyes checked because eye exams are also free for kids under 18. For more information please visit:

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