Corporate Fitness Program

Customized corporate fitness program

Companies can now provide their employees with a path to fitness and a healthier lifestyle.

Build a Strong & Engaged Culture

Investing in Employee Wellbeing Pays Dividends

Improve Recruiting & Retention

Employees get a set number of credits to use every month to participate in different fitness classes (spinning, yoga, pilates, barre, boxing, etc.). Classes vary by credit amount depending on popularity, equipment and more.  Employees can visit different gyms or studios close to home, close to the office, or even on vacation.

All employees who enroll will receive unlimited gym access. No need to be stuck in a contract with a single gym.

Only pay for employees who participate. Flexible pricing to fit any budget. The cost can be split between employee and employer.

  • Make finding fitness and wellness opportunities a breezeEmployees can find workout classes or gym time near them. Filter by time, activity, amenities and more. Employees can book their favorite classes in seconds with a single, easy-to use account.
  • Access workouts from anywhere, anytimeEmployees get free unlimited access to over 1,000 streaming audio and video workouts across strength, cardio, stretching, meditation and more.
  • Bring your team closer togetherEmployees can add co-workers on the app and see what classes they are taking.
  • Data to keep you informedEmployer can track employee usage and other key data with your own dashboard and portal. Create a challenge and reward the most engaged employees through friendly competitions.
  • Fitness classes available throughout Canada
    1. Spin
    2. Boxing
    3. Yoga
    4. Barre
    5. Pilates
    6. Martial Arts
    7. Gym time

Interested in designing a tailor-fit corporate fitness program that aligns with your company goals and objectives, contact us today.